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Message from the Chairman
Haroon M. K. Lodhi

Haroon M. K. Lodhi


Solve Agri Pak, i.e., "Solutions for Livestock & agriculture Value-added Enterprises" the name very clearly depicts our ambitions and our focus. Anything you need to be successful as a dairy, livestock or agriculture enterprise; we have the recipe for your success.

Our organizational focus is around livestock, dairy and agriculture sector; serving farmers, value chain, processors and consumers - be it milk, meat or other dairy products. We represent some of the world's finest brands to serve entire needs of the livestock & dairy value chain by offering high quality globally renowned prdocust, supplies and advice. We are proud to be exclusive distributor of ABS Global, Schils, CID Lines, Milkrite, Keenan, Dairymaster, JOZ, MS Schippes, Bles Dairies Group, Stamey Cattle, Haller AG, IFCN and many more. Together with our international partners, we provide products and services that farmers can rely on, both in terms of quality and efficiency. 

As a dairy institute we provide training to farmers and dairy farm managers and dairy business handlers, milk collection professionals and agri-services professionals to improve skill sets on modern techniques. We provide dairy farm management and dairy farm development consultancy, dairy product development services and support on agronomy around dairy farming.

I feel we are lucky and proud to have best available resources, carrying local and international exposure in livestock & dairy farming and agronomy, differentiating us from the rest of the suppliers in this field exhibited by the continued trust of our renowned clients. Solve Agri Pak is blessed with highly qualified and dedicated team in all functions, from sales to marketing, from technical support to training, from finance and human resource management. The team that our clients depend on!

I look forward to continue serving our clients with growing enthusiasm and passion.

Best regards,

Haroon M. K. Lodhi