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IPS appoints Solve Agri Pak as sole distributor in Pakistan

International Protein Sires (IPS) – A Dvision of Our Help, Inc. USA - with a focus on "Breeding Cows, Not Numbers" supplies unique and solid genetic sires from solid cow families.

International Protein Sires (IPS), a division of Our Help, Inc. USA, has has appointed Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited as its sole distributor in Pakistan. IPS provides a wide range of dairy cattle genetics, with something to offer even the most discerning of selection criteria. High GTPI, High Milk, High Type, Red & White, Polled, Robot Milking Environments, Grazing, unique aAa and DMS with daughter Proven and Genomic sires: IPS is committed to providing unique and solid genetic sires from solid cow families.

IPS President and Chief Executive, Mr. Ron Sersland said that IPS is pleased to join ties with the leading player in Pakistani dairy sector Solve Agri Pak, which is a clear reflection of IPS's strategy to partner with international players to spread our breeding philosophy for the dairy farmers across the globe helping them breed their cows, not just the numbers. He said that IPS has been bringing solid genetics from solid cow families across the United States for more than three decades and today offers a diverse range of over 110 active sires in its portfolio. We believe that our cooperation Solve Agri Pak gives us access to Pakistani market and helps Pakistani dairy farmers providing them access to the alternate pedigrees to diversify their genetic pool, he said, adding "We are looking forward to serve the market with its need and bridging the gap of solid genetics".

Solve Agri Pak's Chairman, Mr. Haroon M. K. Lodhi expressed excitement on the cooperation and said that this cooperation has further strengthened Solve Agri Pak's genetic portfolio as Solve Agri Pak, being "The House of Genetics" offers a wide rage of genetic solutions from different origins for Pakistani dairy farmers to help them make genetic progress in their herds. This addition enables SAPPL to serve Pakistani dairy farmers with new breeding lines that enables them to diversify their genetic pool. He said that Solve Agri Pak is committed to strive for organising best solutions for Pakistani dairy farmers from around the globe.

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