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Applied Dairy Farm Management training held
Solve Agri & Dairy Institute (SADI), in collaboration with Netherlands' PTC+ and The Friesian, organized a special training course on "Applied Dairy Farm Management" on November 10-14, 2014. The week long training course was attended by professionals from various organizations in dairy sector of Pakistan including corporate and commercial dairy farms, dairy development organizations, academia and service providers. The course was focused on practical issues faced at the dairy farms during day-in and day-out basis and emphasized on brushing-up the professional skill-sets of the participants.


The training, conducted by Mr. Anne Terpstra (Dairy Expert and Trainer from Netherlands) was the first of its kind initiative addressing the applied dynamics of modern dairy farm management as a profitable business. A number of aspects were discussed during the course including but not limited to Essentials of modern dairy farm management, Cow signals, Herd conformation and analysis, Bulls catalogue interpretation and bull selection, Preparing breeding program, SOPs and KPIs of a profitable dairy farm, Technical analysis of a dairy farm etc. The course aimed to enlighten the participants to understand the modern and practical dimensions of the dairy farm management. The training was based on Competence Based Learning (CBL) principles that helped the participants to get themselves engaged in brainstorming, discussions, situation analysis and observations. The interactive and participatory mode of training enhanced the learning process.

Farm excursion was also organized for the participants in order to give them a practical outlook of what they are being taught about. During the excursion, participants were given the opportunity to practically observe and learn on various aspects of farm management including cow signals, body condition scoring, analysis of the dairy farm health characteristics and locomotion scoring among many others. Participants undertook various guided assignments which later resulted into fruitful discussions and feedback for improvement on certain issues relevant to overall dairy farm management.

The training concluded with the participatory appraisal and the certificate distribution on Friday evening. Speaking at the occasion, Solve Agri Pak's Dairy Development & Capacity Building Manager Dr. Waseem Shaukat lauded the participants for their keen interest and active participation in the learning process throughout the course. He anticipated that this training will last significant positive impacts on their performance in the future. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Anne Terpstra (Trainer and Consultant at PTC+/The Friesian) urged the participants to utilize the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the course, for taking initiatives, making decisions and leading the actions, for improvement in dairy farming sector of Pakistan.

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