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Certificate Distribution Ceremony held for Home Based Livestock Farming


Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited organized a certificate distribution ceremony for the graduating trainees of Home Based Livestock Farming who have successfully completed their four months training in the first phase of Solve Agri Pak's Skills Development Project funded by Punjab Skills Development Fund. The august ceremony was organized at Sadhoki, District Gujranwala. Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited's Chief Executive Officer Haroon M. K. Lodhi and PSDF representative Captain Sohail graced the ceremony. Present at the occasion were also President Pakistan Agricultural Scientists Forum Mr. Hafiz Wasi Khan, Solve Agri Pak's Dairy Development & Capacity Building Manager Dr. Waseem Shaukat, Solve Agri Pak's Head of Finance Mr. Asif Ashfaq and Solve Agri Pak's Project Manager - Skills Development Dr. Muhammad Rasheed.

In his welcome address, Dr. Waseem Shaukat highlighted that the first phase of the PSDF funded project had been successfully winded up in December last year with completion of four months' course in 8 villages of Gujranwala district. These included Tamboli, Nithranwali, Nangre Bhatti, Gunaour, Raja, Manhais, Bharoki Virkan and Harpoki, in the Kamonki tehsil. 168 women were trained in eight villages for four months duration on 'Home Based Livestock Farming'. "These women were given basic literacy training for one month followed by vocational training on rearing of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and domestic poultry", he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Captain (R) Sohail Ahmad from Punjab Skills Development Fund expressed his compliments on the successful completion of the first phase of the project under Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited. "PSDF is striving hard to impart practical oriented skills development courses at grass-route level in collaboration with various training service providers such as Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited. He lauded the efforts made by Solve Agri Pak management and team in accomplishment the goals as desired by PSDF. He congratulated the graduating trainees on successful completion of course.

Solve Agri Pak's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Haroon M. K. Lodhi appreciated the efforts being made by PSDF in extending the outreach of skills development initiatives at grass-route level. He highlighted that the livestock was an important source of livelihood in the rural communities and women have got a pivotal role to play in day-to-day management of livestock at household level, thus making it extremely significant to impart adequate knowledge and skills to these rural women. He anticipated that the trained women will be able to improve their livestock management and add-on their profitability at household level, generating immense improvement in rural economy in general and household economy in particular. "Solve Agri Pak has brought-in multi-dimensional approach for the livestock & dairy development in the country. We have pioneered in establishing Pakistan's first private sector training & skills development institute, namely Solve Agri & Dairy Institute (SADI) that has collaborated with various national and international organization to impart need based training courses for long term improvement in Pakistani livestock sector", he added. He urged the PSDF to focus more on livestock & dairy sector as over 8.5 million farming families are directly linked to this sector nationwide.

In his thought provoking address, Pakistan Agricultural Scientists Forum's President Mr. Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan lauded Solve Agri Pak and PSDF to direct their focus on rural women. He said that livestock sector has been badly hampered with low productivity mainly because of lack of adequate knowledge and skills. He urged the graduating women to practically utilize the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during the course, on their animals for enhanced productivity. He also emphasized the women to share the knowledge with other neighbouring women in order to bring positive social change.

One of the graduating women, Mrs. Najma from Tamboli expressed his gratitude to PSDF and Solve Agri Pak for engaging illiterate and less educated rural women in skills development process. She said that she was illiterate though extremely passionate about learning and this course had provided her an opportunity for learning core skills and vocational skills that will improve her livelihood. Another woman, Mrs. Rehana from Gunaour said that she was extremely happy on provision of learning opportunity in her own village through a qualified veterinarian who has taught her various management aspects of livestock rearing. She hoped that her new knowledge will help her in managing her animals in better way. Later certificates were distributed among the graduating trainees while the trainees also presented an edutainment skit showing the importance of this training for rural women.

At the end, Solve Agri Pak's Project Manager - Skills Development Dr. Muhammad Rasheed presenting the vote of the thanks expressed gratitude for all those who had supported in successful completion of first phase, especially local community members and the Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Govt of Punjab.

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