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Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment from E-Zee Milking Equipment, LCC USA

FloChek Parlor Meter

FloChek Parlor Milk Meter - M15500NP

  • Digital Readout
  • Provides End-of-Milk Signal
  • Can be interfaced with existing takeoffs
FloChek Parlor Meter Power Supply

FloChek Parlor Meter Power Supply - 19000NP

  • Handles up to 12 Meters
  • 120VAC/15VDS - 1.5amp
FloChek Stanchion Meter

FloChek Stanchion Barn Milk Meter - M15000NP

  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • No electrical connections needed in the barn
  • Provides End-of Milk signal
  • Works with any milking machine

Note: Stanchion Barn Kit sold separately

FloCheck Stanchion Barn Kit

FloCheck Stanchion Barn Kit - M16000NP

  • Includes: SS tube, milk tube swivel, 180deg "U" bend, hanger bracket with rubber grip

Shown with FloChek Stanchion Barn Milk Meter and NuPulse Claw

BloChek Battery Charger

FloChek Battery Charger - M2000NP

  • 120 VAC/16.5 VAC - .49 amp
  • Also comes as a mulitple unit which charges up to 6 meters - 16500NP