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Milking Equipment

from Dairymaster Ireland

We represent Dairymaster Ireland to offer world's best quality milking equipment that exactly fits into your needs. Dairymaster product range includes milking equipment, feeding equipment, heat detection system, milk cooling tanks and farm cleaning systems.

Milking Equipment
1. Swiftlo Intro

2. Swiftlo Swing 

3. Swiftlo Fast Exit 

4. Swiftlo Double 

5. Swiftlo Revolver Rotary 

6. Swiftlo Goat Revolver Rotary
7. Swiftlo Parlor Components
8. Drafting/Softing Systems

Feeding Equipment
1. In-Parlor Automatic Feeders 

2. Batch Feeders 

3. Out of Parlor Feeders 

4. Dry Cow Feeding System 

5. FeedMax System  

6. Feeding Management
7. Milk Manager System

Heat Detection System

Not having accurate heat detection is costing you more money than you think. Accurate heatdetection can significantly alter profts at the farm. Choose "Dairymaster MooMonitor" that provides 24 hours continous monitoring and let you know what's happening on your farm through your phone/tablet when you want! Can you afford not having accurate heat detection? 

Milk Cooling System

Energy is important and costs are increasing all the time. "Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks" protects your investment by its most-modern insulation technology. It allows you to communicate with your tank anywhere anytime through a unique two-way SMS communication system. The SwiftCool Milk Tanks comes with unique choice of intelligent control depending upon your requirements and budget. CoolControl is an intelligent control system combined with ease of use while DigiControl offers you advanced technology and results.

Farm Cleaning System

Thousands of Kilometers of track installed worldwide. Original & technically superior system with installations proven over many years.
1. Automatic Scrappers
2. Scrapper Backing Gates