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Vacuum Systems & Pumps

from E-Zee Milking Equipment

Mega Inverter with Reflex Controller

Reflex Variable Speed Drive System

  • features the Frenic Mega Drive
  • Nema 4 Controller allows mounting in parlor
  • motor soft-start brings vacuum pump up to speed gradually until vacuum level in the system reaches the set up point.
  • separate milking vacuum and washing vacuum to achieve better solution circulation
Deluxe Reflex VSD

Deluxe Variable Speed Drive Unit

  • inverter is enclosed in a stainless steel cabinet to better protect it from the moisture
  • optional RFI filter and line reactors availble to mount in the cabinet
M Style Vacuum Pump Package

M-Style E-5 and E-7.5 Vacuum Pump Packages

  • 55 cfm @ 1000 RPM with 5 HP motor
  • 80 cfm @ 1000 RPM with 7.5 HP Motor
  • available with either a vertical or horizontal stand
M Style Vacuum Pump

M-Style Vacuum Pump

  • pumps have a double end shaft for more installation options
  • bare shaft has cover that can be switched to the opposite side
  • pumps are assembled with high quality vanes and bearings
  • all parts interchange with name brand pumps
Westfalia RPS 2800 pump

Rebuilt Name Brand Pumps

  • we carry rebuilt DeLaval, Masport, Surge, Westfalia and Boumatic pumps and pump groups
  • call for availability 888-304-6276 FREE
Oil Reclaimer

2" Oil Reclaimer

  • 2" oil reclaimer with filter assembly, drain hose and 2 drippers
  • improved design to collect more oil
  • bottom intake style also available for use with Surge pumps
Sentinel Mark IISentinel Regulator

Sentinel Regulators

  • Sentinel 350 (350 American CFM's)
  • Sentinel 500 (500 American CFM's
  • Mark II (150 American CFM's)