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Hygiene Solutions

Solve Agri Pak brings a range of hygiene solutions from Kersia 



Solve Agri Pak is ditributor of Kersia, the global leader in biosecurity and food safety. A wide range of products will be gradually launched in Pakistan. Currently, following products are available. 

Steripis: (Pre-milking teat dip)

A foamy cleansing product that gently cleans the contamination of the nipples, the perfect pre-milking teat dip! It softens the nipples and skin with its cosmetic, hydrant and softener components. It provides as a good mixture as possible with the active ingredients in the foodstuffs. Pleasant, smells like apple. Dilute (Steripis: Water) with 1:1 or 4:6 dilution and use in a foam cup. 

Liq-io-concentrate: (Special iodine based concentrate teat dip)

A special iodine-based concentrate disinfectant and cosmetic solution for udder hygiene, both for pre-milking and post-milking teat dipping. Enriched with softening, emollient & moisturizing substances. With added glycerol & Lanolin derivatives for softening. Unique 2 in 1 usage. Dilute @ 20% (1:4) for post-milking teat dipping or @ 10% (1:9) for pre-milking teat dipping. 

Hyproclor ED: (Alkaline solution for CIP)

A concentrated alkaline product for CIP / cleaning and disinfecting the milking equipment. Hyproclor ED has detergent, disinfectant, degreasant and oxydant properties. Hyproclor ED is also descaling to complete the action of Hypracid. Rinse equipment with tepid water, circulate diluted solution of Hyproclor ED and then wash with cold water.

Hypracid: (Acidic solution for CIP)

Hypracid is a concentrated product for removing the milkstone and cleaning the milking equipment. Hypracid has a strong cleaning power through the surfactants contained in its formula. It  has a very high rate of phosphoric acid (strengthened with sulfuric acid) which gives the capacity to eliminate the mineral deposit coming from the milk as well as the calcium carbonate film left by the water after the rinsing stage.

Deptil PA 5: (Peracetic Acid Disinfection Solution)

Wide spectrum sanitizer based on peracetic acid. Highly stable, powerful and fast acting peracetic acid solution that acts as bactericide, virucide and fungicide. Rapid disinfection and reduces risk of cross contamination between cows. Sanitizing the system before milking, cluster / liners disinfections during milking and sanitizing the milking tank. All without leaving residues!


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