Hygiene Solutions

Solve Agri Pak is looking for a high quality supplier for hygiene solutions 

We offer innovative hygiene solutions for CIP of milking equipment and parlours as well as best quality teat dips for Mastitis prevention in the dairy herd. Currently we offer following products.

Pre-milking teat dip

A high quality product composed of a refined lactic acid and glycerine solutions and is recommended for before milking dipping, utilizing the specialized foam cup. Product is used at 40% concentration with water.

Post-milking teat dip

A perfect combination between strong disinfectant properties and total teat care formulation is what makes the choice to the number one teat dip based on Chlorine Dioxide. This leaves a beautiful, bright blue colored film on the teats. Due to barier technology incorporated in our product, the nicely even spread film creates a viscose droplet at the sphincter, closing off the teat canal. 


Alkaline solution for CIP

An alkaline chlorine cleaner and disinfectant, composed of Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, stabilizers, sequestering agents and corrosion-inhibitors. The product is recommended @ 0.5% concentration only.

Acidic solution for CIP

An acidic cleaner for CIP of milking equipment and milk cooling tanks. It is composed of Nitric Acid and Phosphoric Acid. The product is recommended @ 0.5% concentration only.

Rapid Mastitis Indicator CMT

CMT based product to be used for detection of sub-clinical mastitis using special pallet. The test would highlight the infected quarter along with indicative levels of somatic cell count. 


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