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Sexcel Sexed Genetics launched in Pakistan

ABS has broken the monoply in sexing bovine genetics and giving the farmers access to the 21st century technology that they deserve. 


Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited in collaboration with ABS Global, USA launched "Sexcel Sexed Genetics" in Pakistan. An official launch ceremony was organised in Lahore to introduce the new sexed genetics, made by ABS Global, using 21st century technology designed to deliver more high value pregnancies to the dairy herds. The august launch ceremony was attended by a number of key stakeholders from Pakistani dairy sector including corporate & commercial dairy farms, dairy development organizations, milk processors, research and academia etc. Solve Agri Pak's Chairman Board of Directors Mr. Haroon M. K. Lodhi lauded the innovative technology introduced by ABS Global and wowed that Sexcel is going to bring a lot of additional value for the dairy farmers in Pakistan. Mr. James Smallwood (General Manager at ABS Oceania) highlighted the history and global leadership of the ABS Global in bovine genetics market. He said that ABS was working in 70 countries with over 1600 employees globally and sold around 18 million doses of bovine semen annually. "ABS has been at the forefront of major innovations in the bovine genetics, artificial insemination and animal reproduction over last seven decades through its highly scientific research & development wing", he said.

Introducing the new product – Sexcel Sexed Genetics – the International Distributor Manager of ABS Global Mr. Marc Michielsen said "Sexcel harnesses ABS's best genetics and is produced through a novel, proprietary technology for sexing bovine semen developed by ABS Global that has broken the monopoly in sexing bovine semen giving access to the 21st century technology that ABS customers deserves". Explaining the difference between new technology and the old technology, Mr. Marc highlighted that this innovative technology did not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used to produce the sexed semen historically available to farmers. The result is a superior sexed genetics product that helps customers maximize their profitability in line with their individual economic and herd goals. He explained that data from ABS Global's Real World Data® (RWD™) database demonstrates that Sexcel achieves a 90 percent relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen and a higher relative conception rate than other sexed semen used by dairy farmers. RWD contains real results from real customers and is sourced from more than 37 million cows from herds located in key dairy markets throughout the world.

Speaking at the occasion, Solve Agri Pak's General Manager Dr. Waseem Shaukat reiterated that Solve Agri Pak is a value-adding partner in livestock & dairy sector of Pakistan and by bringing new technology with ABS, we are opening doors for our customers to fast forward their genetic progress. "We at Solve Agri Pak and ABS Global are bringing powerful tools including genetic audit, reproduction audit, genetic management system (GMS), ABS InFocus program and much more, for our customers along with our premium products to make sure that dairy farmers make profit from genetic progress", he said, adding "We are determined to ensure profitability of the dairy farmers and addition of Sexcel sexed genetics is opening new era for Pakistani dairy farmers.

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It is worth-mentioning that Sexcel brings value to the farmers by enabling their elite heifers to produce the replacement animals they want, while also providing farmers a choice of sexed genetics tailored to their specific needs – including calving ease, milk production, feed efficiency, reduction in disease risk or any number of genetic traits. The Sexcel sexed genetics will be available in Pakistan from September 2018 onwards and will be marketed by Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited, the exclusive distributor for ABS Global in Pakistan. For more details, contact 0304-1115566 or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .