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Mastitis Management Program Launched

Manage Mastitis to Reduce Losses in Dairy Farming 

Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited, in collaboration with CID Lines from Belgium, has launched mastitis management program in Pakistan. Mastitis is one of the biggest issues in dairy production that leads to severe losses. Sub-clinical mastitis, often under-estimated, is the real threat to the dairy farmers that even eat up their potential income & profits. This unique mastitis management program is going to help thousands of Pakistani dairy farmers in reducing their losses that they are making every day; thus improving milk production & profitability of dairy farming.

The mastitis management program was launched during a seminar on "Mastitis Can Be Managed" organized by Solve Agri Pak and CID Lines at a local hotel in Lahore. It was attended by a large number of dairy stakeholders representing corporate & commercial dairy farmers, extension service provider & dairy development organizations, academia, research & line agencies. 

Mr. Ronny Schelfhout, Divisional Manager Animal Production at CID Lines, presented CID Line's global initiatives for mastitis management. He highlighted the adverse impact of mastitis particularly sub-clinical mastitis on animal health, milk quality and most importantly on farm economics. He discussed in details the mastitis management strategy devised and endorsed by National Mastitis Council. He elaborated the specific strategies for milking process hygiene, equipment hygiene, environmental hygiene and individual data cow's analysis that are essential for mastitis management. Mr. Ronny specifically emphasized on measuring levels of somatic cells for individual cows every month.

Salient features of Mastitis Management program

Unveiling the salient features of mastitis management program, Solve Agri Pak's General Manager Dr. Waseem Shaukat said that Solve Agri Pak and CID Lines are keen to work for practically helping dairy farmers in managing mastitis through a unique set of services, tools and products. He said that dairy farms partnering with Solve Agri Pak under this mastitis management program will get access to our customized solutions for managing mastitis at their farms that includes:

  1. Testing Somatic Cell Count (SCC) for every cow every month using innovative testing equipment.
  2. Using 'Keno-M' software, a unique concept launched together by CID Lines and M-team (University of Ghent, Belgium) that will record & analyze the data to assess udder health management situation at the dairy farm. The app based software will indicate problems and give possible solution to the decision makers such as farm managers, veterinarians or farm owners.
  3. Special offer for long term using udder hygiene products, i.e. KenoPure (the leading foam-based pre milking teat dip for cleaning, conditioning & moisturizing), KenoMint (the best barrier film product for post milking teat dip)
  4. Special offer for equipment hygiene & products such as CIP and cluster cleaning.
  5. Guaranteed accomplishment of mutually defined targets for lowering somatic cell count, based on the benchmark data.
  6. Customized technical support

With a mission to add value from farm to fork, CID Lines is dedicated supplier of innovative hygiene solutions worldwide, and is exclusively distributed in Pakistan by Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited.

If you are interested to join hands with us to help you out in managing mastitis, call +92 300 8446697 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Mr. Ronny Schelfhout Dr. Waseem Shaukat, General Manager Solve Agri Pak
Presentation on "Mastitis Can Be Managed"
Presentation on "Mastitis Can Be Managed" Presentation on "Mastitis Can Be Managed"
Overview of Mastitis Management program launched by Solve Agri Pak in collaboration with CID Lines Belgium

Manage Mastitis to Reduce Losses in Dairy Farming