Implementation of Dairy Hub Project (A community dairy development programme)

Area/LocationDistrict Sahiwal, Khanewal and Okara, Punjab, Pakistan
ClientTetra Pak Pakistan | Nestle Pakistan | Engro Foods | Haleeb Foods
FinancierTetra Pak Pakistan Limited

Score of Work

Under an initiative of Tetra Pak Pakistan, Dairy Hub project was instigated for dairy development in Pakistan. Solve Agri Pak was given the task to implement the project on behalf of Tetra Pak for its customers including Nestle Pakistan, Engro Foods and Haleeb Foods. This community development programme targeted around 60+ villages in three districts (Sahiwal, Okara and Khanewal) and benefited 6000 farmers directly while 40,000 indirectly. Under this project, Solve Agri Pak organized various activities of dairy development, including direct training of rural farmers (both for male and female farmers), training of dairy hub staff (extension workers), provision of concentrated extension services aiming to enhance productivity through improved nutrition, breed improvement, disease control and improved farm practices

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