Community Development

Sustainibility –
Your Goal; Our Value

Social responsibility and sustainability are the two main value drivers of our organization. We provide an array of community development services to corporate organizations, development and donor agencies, as well as government authorities for capacity building, infrastructure & socio-economic development, and poverty alleviation programs.

Currently, Solve Agri Pak is the executing partner for the community development project conceived by Tetra Pak Pakistan called “Dairy Hub” for its customers Engro Foods, Nestle and Haleeb Foods. The company is currently working closely with Tetra Pak Bangladesh on community development project for their customer PRAN. This project focuses on small farmers with small herd of buffalos and cows. A host of activities are covered under this project, including four months training of trainers (Agri Services personnel), training of small farmers, animal tagging, data collection and recording of key data to monitor progress of activities at Dairy Hub Area and many other activities.

In order to spread dairy farm knowledge to small farmers across Pakistan, Solve Agri Pak is acting on behalf of Tetra Pak Pakistan in developing 15 booklets, also recorded in video form for the electronic media, covering all aspects of dairy farming.

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