Dairy & Food

Our Solutions, Your Success

Our core objective as your Dairy & Food Consultant is to make sure that you succeed in Dairy & Food business. We have dependable and high quality solutions & services that fit all livestock and dairy needs, regardless of the size and scale of operations. We can provide solutions, services and trainings to ensure sustainable production of milk and meat to maximize profits for farmers, value chain and milk/meat processors.

Dairy Farm Development

Through dairy farm development consultation, Solve Agri Pak adds value to decision making by potential dairy farm investors on topics including land selection, animal type selection, farm layout/design, equipment selection, pre-feasibility studies, nutrition, agronomy around dairy farming, calf management and overall farm management.

Dairy Farm Management

On day-to-day dairy farm management consultation, Solve Agri Pak focuses on the economic side of dairy farming by working with dairy farmers on general farm management, nutrition management including support on agronomy, cow comfort, calf management and animal selection and supplies.

Dairy Product Development Services

Solve Agri Pak has in-house expertise for developing milk based products- specially pasteurized products like milk, yogurt, flavored milk and flavored yogurt, yogurt drinks, as well expertise on butter and cheese product development. In addition to these services, Solve Agri Pak provides consultation on equipment selection, installation and operations, support in marketing, sales and distribution of dairy products etc.

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