Deptil PA5

Wide spectrum sanitizer based on peracetic acid, Deptil PA 5 has a different formulation, as it undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes that guarantee fast action power and high stability of the molecule throughout its useful life.
Deptil PA 5 has 3 uses: sanitizing the system before milking, disinfecting the liners during milking, and sanitizing the milk tank. All of this without leaving residues.
Features and benefits:
– Rapid disinfection; – Reduction of the risk of cross-contamination among milked cows; – Highly stable peracetic acid solution; – Bactericide, virucide and fungicide.
Modes of use:
Sanitation of milking equipment:
1 – Prepare a 0.25% solution with Deptil PA 5 with water at room temperature; 2 – Circulate the solution for 5 minutes before milking begins; 3 – Drain the entire system after use.
Disinfection of liners:
Aims to reduce cross-contamination among cows
1 – Prepare a 2% solution with Deptil PA 5; 2 – Spray the product directly inside the liner between milking one cow and another and let the excess drain out.
Sanitizing the milk tank:
With the tank empty and clean, spray a 0.25% solution in water at room temperature over the entire surface of the tank.

Packing: 24 Kg

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