MinGold Horse Mineral

• Scientifically balanced vitamins and minerals
• Fortified with biotin, organic Zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth
• Prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion
• Contains Agsolutions unique blend of natural minerals to provide a broad range of additional nutrients including silicon, boron and chromium
• To help keep your horse healthy on the inside and brilliantly shiny on the outside
Dosage / Administration:
• Horse 100g to 150g per day
• Pony 50g per day
Feeding Guide:
Do not feed more Min Gold House Mineral unless advised by a veterinarian or nutritionist. Since Essential Mineral contains your horse’s daily maintenance requirement in a full serve, ensure adequate additional salt is provided to meet requirements based on horse bodyweight, workload, and environmental conditions.

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