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Skills Development;
the road to Economic Empowerment

Solve Agri Pak has established the first ever private sector training & development institute in Pakistan for dairy, livestock and related agriculture sector. The Solve Agri & Dairy Institute™ provides both pre-designed, customized training and skill development programs. Equipped with state of the art audio-visual training facilities, Solve Agri & Dairy Institute™ brings in experienced trainers with practical hands-on knowledge from the academia, industry and the field.

Knowledge about modern farming practices is lacking which eventually results in low milk and meat production, high mortality rate and compromised quality and quantity of output – milk and meat. There was a dire need for a productive and effective solution provider in the industry.

In recognition of this need, Haroon M. K. Lodhi laid the foundation of Solve Agri Pak – a one-stop shop for dairy, livestock and related agriculture value-added solutions. The company provides consultancy, training, equipment, product supplies and community development services in the aforementioned sectors.

Solve Agri Pak is also the executing partner, along with the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, of a one-year Herd Management Diploma started with the cooperation of Tetra Pak Pakistan and the Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Government of the Punjab.

Solve Agri & Dairy Institute™ welcomes all levels of livestock and dairy sector personnel, existing and future entrepreneurs to benefit from the wide range of pre-designed and customized trainings that we offer. Interested public or private organizations, dairy farmers, future and existing entrepreneurs, donor agencies and NGO’s can contact us for the training needs of their staff, their beneficiaries etc. 

Pre-Designed Courses Offered

Solve Agri & Dairy Institute™ offers trainings ranging from 1 day training of small holder farmers to 4 months training for extension workers. Some of our pre-designed training modules/courses include:

  • Dairy Hub Staff/Livestock Extension Staff Training Program
  • Small Holder Farmer Training Program
  • Training for Milk Collection Staff
  • Training for Agri-services/Livestock Extension Staff
  • Training for Dairy Farm Supervisors/Managers
  • Module for Dairy Farm Feasibility/Economics

The institute can also design customized training programs to fit your needs.

For details regarding any of the above training programs or to get a training program especially designed according to your needs and requirements, Contact us.

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