Ekomilk Scan Plus

Ekomilk Scan is the revolutionary equipment for somatic cell count testing at lowest cost per test (less than Rs. 10 per test) enabling you to test somatic cell count of your individual cows or bulk tank as frequent as you want. The regular milk control in a dairy farm is the main part of process of prevention, detection and medical treatment of mastitis – the most important dairy disease. The proper incoming milk control in dairy enterprises guarantees a high-quality and ecologically pure products. Application Area: Dairy farms Milk collecting points Dairy industry Veterinary and dairy laboratories Key feature: Simple and lightweight design; Proven method; Cost effective: – Low power consumption; – Small quantity of milk required 10ml; LCD indication; Power supply independent Data collection mode for storing up to 250 records with information about supplier ID, time and somatic cells number; Embedded Real time clock; RS 232 and/or USB Interface; ESC POS Printer Support

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